Fecha: 2016
Género: Literatura
ISBN: 9781310399657

A scorching-hot erotic short story for adults. All characters depicted in this story are consenting adults.When bisexual nineteen-year-old Daniel meets a hot and black gay man on a train, he never thought that the encounter would lead to highly-sexual experiences and tons of action and adventure when alone with him and also when in a sex club with him and others of a kinky mind too. Featuring group sex, gay sex, anal, oral, masturbation, BDSM, lots more and much pleasure, this story guarantees to get you off and to keep a smile on your face long after youve devoured the final page...~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~I’m feeling his strong and black hands caressing my back and his muscular black body is pressing down against mine. A lust I’ve never known and a heat and sexual craving for me is something I doubt I’ll ever feel again because nobody has ever been this intense and passionate toward me before. He’s all I want and need and so much more. The first time he touched me I knew there and then that I never wanted him to leave my side for a moment and it’s so much more than amazing gay sex. The power he has over me is something that I cannot fight, nor want to. The spell he’s cast over my life, he’s simply irresistible to me for me to ever desire another lover again.We initially met on a train. I remember it well. He sat beside me in the cramped carriage and when his leg touched mine I remember feeling a bolt of electricity gripping every nerve in my body and every thought in my mind about work vanished instantly. I also remember glancing up into his dark brown eyes and for a second in time it was if we were the only two men in this world. I had to force myself to look away; such was the intensity of his gaze which seemed to last forever; drawing me in, luring me into an unknown world I’d never encountered before. As a bisexual man of nineteen, I’d only ever experienced gay sex with other white men and I wasn’t meant to catch that train that day. It was as if fate and destiny had brought us together. It was meant to be.