Autor: HENRY O.
Fecha: 2017
Género: Literatura
ISBN: 9781387152964
Idioma: HENRY O.

A collection of 19 short stories from the West.Several of the funniest and best stories by O. Henry appear in this book, which is made up of about twenty-five of his inimitable tales of Western life and types which have appeared at intervals in the magazines. These stories are the best of their kind since Bret Harte.William Sydney Porter (September 11, 1862 - June 5, 1910), known by his pen name O. Henry, and his surprise endings, was an American short story writer. He was born in Greensboro, North Carolina. He changed the spelling of his middle name to Sydney in 1898.HEARTS AND CROSSES (excerpt)Baldy Woods reached for the bottle, and got it. Whenever Baldy went for anything he usually—but this is not Baldys story. He poured out a third drink that was larger by a finger than the first and second. Baldy was in consultation; and the consultee is worthy of his hire.Id be king if I was you, said Baldy, so positively that his holster creaked and his spurs rattled.Webb Yeager pushed back his flat-brimmed Stetson, and made further disorder in his straw-coloured hair. The tonsorial recourse being without avail, he followed the liquid example of the more resourceful Baldy.If a man marries a queen, it oughtnt to make him a two-spot, declared Webb, epitomising his grievances.Sure not, said Baldy, sympathetic, still thirsty, and genuinely solicitous concerning the relative value of the cards. By rights youre a king. If I was you, Id call for a new deal. The cards have been stacked on you—Ill tell you what you are, Webb Yeager.What? asked Webb, with a hopeful look in his pale-blue eyes.Youre a prince-consort.Go easy, said Webb. I never blackguarded you none.Its a title, explained Baldy, up among the picture-cards; but it dont take no tricks. Ill tell you, Webb. Its a brand theyre got for certain animals in Europe. Say that you or me or one of them Dutch dukes marries in a royal family. Well, by and by our wife gets to be queen. Are we king? Not in a million years. At the coronation ceremonies we march between little casino and the Ninth Grand Custodian of the Royal Hall Bedchamber. The only use we are is to appear in photographs, and accept the responsibility for the heir- apparent. That aint any square deal. Yes, sir, Webb, youre a prince- consort; and if I was you, Id start a interregnum or a habeus corpus or somethin; and Id be king if I had to turn from the bottom of the deck.Baldy emptied his glass to the ratification of his Warwick pose.Baldy, said Webb, solemnly, me and you punched cows in the same outfit for years. We been runnin on the same range, and ridin the same trails since we was boys. I wouldnt talk about my family affairs to nobody but you. You was line-rider on the Nopalito Ranch when I married Santa McAllister. I was foreman then; but what am I now? I dont amount to a knot in a stake rope.