Fecha: 2017
Género: Novela contemporánea
ISBN: 9786050489019

All 3 books from the Billionaire Gets His Way series!Evan Rockwell is a billionaire looking for a woman of virtue. At first his needs were purely sexual, but Jessica Wilson makes him reconsider everything he thought he knew about himself...Innocence Has Its Price - Evan Rockwell is the sole heir to a family fortune who can have any woman he wants. Tired of the long line of women who throw themselves at him, all Evan really wants is to find a woman of pure innocence to share his bed with. Jessica Wilson is a beautiful young woman in a desperate situation who answers Evans call for a woman of virtue. Evan and Jessica each have their own needs, and one night will satisfy them both...Fertility Has Its Price - Billionaire Evan Rockwell has already paid Jessica for her innocence, and now he wants more. He is being badgered by his family to produce offspring, but he wants only the purest woman to mother his children. Jessica is pure, he knows that, and he cant stop thinking about her. Evan is used to having anything that money can buy, but will Jessica be willing to accept his terms?Matrimony Has Its Price - Jessica has a contractual obligation to billionaire Evan Rockwell - deliver him a child and be paid a kings ransom. She entered into the agreement because she was willing to put aside questions of morality in exchange for the money she so badly needs, but she is finding herself falling in love with a billionaire she cant have. She fears that once she is carrying his child, she will no longer be the object of his affection. But only Evan Rockwell knows what he is thinking, and he has proven to be full of surprises!